LED Task Lamp with 4"x6" Magnifier


Item 7386. LED Task Lamp with 4"x6" Magnifier. Not just any magnifier -- ViviLux has added the features you need as the perfect addition for your needlework needs. In addition to the Rechargeable Battery Task Lamp with Wireless Charger and USB charging port, you will get: 6" x 4" Optical Grade Distortion-Free 3x Magnifier; flexible arm so the magnifier can be positioned exactly where you need it; an extra base, so the magnifier can be used freestanding, independent of the Task Lamp; and connectors to attach directly to the Task Lamp.

Package includes ViviLux Rechargeable Battery Task Lamp, USB cord, and Wall plug. Magnifier includes 6"x4" Optical Grade 3x Magnifier, Base for freestanding use, flexible arm and Connectors to Task Lamp. (ViviLux item VLMDSK01, but please order by Yarn Tree's item number).

  • Model: 7386
  • Shipping Weight: 1.8 lbs
  • Manufactured by: ViviLux

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