Tellin Emblem

Crisanne Lamark Tellin is an artist with a degree in Fine Arts (drawing and painting) and a passion for sketching from nature. A few years ago, she decided to translate her drawings into a different medium: needlework! The notion that her drawings could be reproduced with needle and thread was the start of a new and exciting artistic journey. Tellin Emblem was born with Crisanne’s goal to create artful needlework patterns that utilize the simplest of embroidery stitches: cross stitch. Despite her efforts to sometimes limit her color palette, the final designs are usually an explosion of hues! The journey continues as she explores genres such as still life, landscape, botanical illustration, and more in the ‘new’ medium of cross stitch. A recent ‘empty nester’, she resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband and Border Collie.