Along the shore of Lake Michigan in a small Wisconsin town, Lori of La-D-Da shares her life with her husband Bob. Together they have two children, Sara and Brian, and four grandchildren.  Lori and Bob met in art school where his passion was painting and hers was drawing. Lori began cross stitching when her children were small. When she couldn't find designs that interested her, she tried her hand at designing her own patterns. That was exciting! Not too long after that, La-D-Da was born so she could share those designs with you.  Lori finds inspiration all around her. Sometimes inspiration comes her her childhood memories: a song or a poem that sticks with her. Other times it is images from books and stories, or even just a word to embellish, that inspire her.   Lori has a wonderful like with her family, a garden full of flowers, and a content heart. She has met so many wonderful people in this industry and couldn't image doing anything else. She is excited to have you join her in this journey!

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