X's & Oh's

It's all her husband's fault!  For years Bill watched Jo Gatenby cobble together pieces of patterns to form new designs, until he finally asked why she didn't create her own... unable to come up with a good reason, Jo started X's & Oh's using her own pencil sketches as the basis for her designs. Jo also has a passion for collecting sayings (and books - but that's another story!), and you will often find her designs feature her own quirky take on one of these! Almost thirty years later... Jo, now designer of X's and Oh's, still uses her own sketches and ideas, but is also pleased to work with such artists as Shelley McVittie, Catherine Simpson, James Lorimer Keirstead, Frances Tyrrell and Ojibwa artist Hugh McKenzie, converting their wonderful artwork to needlework, to the delight of both their fans!