Praiseworthy Stitches

Pam and Susan are Praiseworthy Stitches; they are also best friends, as well as needlework designers. They are best known for their Quaker samplers, whimsical Halloween houses, and Christmas pieces. These designs feature moments in the lives of the children that have been a part of the designers' lives during their careers as a public librarian and a school teacher. Over the last fifteen years Pam and Susan have developed an unusual design methodology. They discuss ideas and Susan sketches them out. Next Pam translates those ideas to the computer and they start working on it. It usually goes something like this: "Pam, can you make that into a (insert item name here) instead? Then don’t you think you need to make him/it/her a little friend?") While not a method that works for others, this one makes their design process fun!

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