Nicoletta started to stitch when she was nine; her grandmother and mother taught her this wonderful art. Niky's father was an artist, he painted beautiful landscapes and portraits, he left her, as an inheritance, passion for the art and for the beauty of the nature. She started to stitch a lot when she stopped her dancer career as classical ballerina, the reason was to look after her two children. She travels a lot, taking inspirations from different places she visits, keeping memories of almost everything she sees. She loves antique and everything coming from the past and tradition trying to bring the taste of the past on her needle and put it in her designs. Niky's style is a primitive one: simple, few colors, easy and quick to stitch. Most of them are inspired by Antique Samplers as, living in Europe, she has had the wonderful opportunity to see many English and French private collections. She lives on Lago Maggiore in the North of Italy, a lovely place which gives her suggestions on using soft colors and light palette to give her designs gentleness and unique simplicity .