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Stitcher's Message Board Common Questions

Here are brief explanations for some of the questions you may have about Yarn Tree Stitcher's Message Board. If you have other questions/answers that should be added, contact me at larry@yarntree.com

Why didn't my message show up? (or the messages look old)

Try clicking the 'reload' button. Your browser probably did not reload the page, it simply pulled it out of memory (cache). Most browsers will let you change your cache settings. Using cache speeds things up because you don't need to download each time you return to a page, but for pages that change often (such as message boards) you may need to press 'reload' to force a download. The companies that provide internet access also use cache memory in their computers to speed things up so once in a while you may find that pressing 'reload' still doesn't get you a current page--all you are getting is an old copy from their computer. Fortunately this is rare, because nothing can be done to correct this. When you submit a post, our computer will e-mail you a message to let you know that your posing was received. Also, we automatically remove old messages as new ones are added.

I received an 'Internal Error' message when I posted.

In almost all cases your message has gone through. Posting a message is a fairly complicated procedure with the information passing back and forth between a number of computers. If everything isn't working just right you may get an error message, even though your message was received.

What types of posts are welcome?

The goal of this board is (1) to help stitchers find hard-to-find items that they can not find locally, and (2) to help stitchers with questions or problems with needlework. Please note that in both cases it is the person with the question that starts the discussion. This does not mean that a limited amount of other--but still needlework related!--posts are not welcome.

What types of posts are not welcome? (and internet etiquette)

'For sale', 'For Trade or swap ads', advertisements (even for free items), and personal messages should not be posted. Etiquette on the internet follows about the same rules of etiquette at a party. Watch what you say. Don't talk too much. Be careful not to sound critical or judgmental about others. "Count to 10 before you say anything" is a good rule for both on and off the internet. Avoid ALL CAPS and too many symbols???!!!!! (on the internet this is the same as shouting). Avoid "chat" and personal messages (please use e-mail instead). Include your e-mail address (anonymous posts on the internet are considered rude). See "My message has been removed" below.

I have an answer to someone's question. Should I e-mail or post a reply to the message board?

There is no definite answer. If the person is looking for a specific design I would suggest e-mailing them simply because the answer may not be of interest to very many people. If the question is a more general 'how do I do this' type of question then posting a message to the board is appropriate because there are sure to be others who have the same question. Also, many problems do not have a single right answer, so that input from several stitchers may be the most complete answer.

I have own a store. Should I reply to requests?

Yes. If your store has an item that hard to find item that someone is looking for, feel free to contact them. I am sure that they would appreciate hearing from you.

Why the 150 word limit on posts?

This was added to keep out 'get rich quick' posts and chain letters (does anyone really send money to these people?). If you get a message that your post was too long you can either re-type a shorter message or (usually) you can press the 'back' button and then edit the message you just sent.

My message has been removed. What happened?

First, make sure that your message really was removed (see 'Why didn't my message show up' above). To keep the message board at a manageable length old messages are automatically removed as new ones are added. We will also may remove advertisements (even for free items or services), 'for trade' and  'for free' posts, rude messages, non-needlework messages, messages about a topic that has been covered enough, messages that are needlessly or excessively critical of a person or business, personal and 'chat' messages, and my personal favorite--anonymous messages. Believe it or not, most posts do remain until they get too old.

What about 'free speech'?

There is no such thing as "free speech". What we have in the United States is "freedom of speech". This is entirely different. Basically, it means that while you have the right to put a sign in your own front yard, you don't have the right to put a sign in your neighbor's yard. And even this right is limited by zoning laws, building codes, covenants, effect the sign will have on your neighbor's property, is the sign inflammatory or an invitation to commit a criminal act, and your mortgage contract or lease. And I am sure there are other limits. You are free to write a book, but publishers are free to reject it. You can write a letter to the editor, but the newspaper is under no obligation to print it. You can post on internet boards, but those posts can removed. Naturally, you can do what countless other people have done before: pay to print your own book, publish your own newspaper, or start your own web site.

Why not require e-mail address for all posts?

The program can be changed to require that something be inserted into the e-mail address field, but anyone could get around this by making up an address. If I changed to program to see if it was a valid address (by sending an e-mail and seeing if it was returned as undeliverable), this could be gotten around by entering another person's e-mail address. This would be worse than an anonymous post.  Fortunately, most anonymous posts are just annoying, but in case you are curious, all web sites automatically keep a detailed log of every transaction. When you log on to your computer, your ISP keeps a log of when you logged on and assigns you a number. When you access any web site, that site automatically keeps a second log of the time, the number of your ISP, the number your ISP assigned to you when you logged in, and each and every transaction you make. For us, the log for one day is about 25,000 lines long. Separately, each log provides a reasonable degree of privacy--one log provides the "who", the second log provides the "what", "when", and "where". When there is a real problem, the two logs are simply put together. For some people, the fifth variable, "why", is forever a mystery.

What if I don't have an e-mail address?

A lot of people access the internet through computers at libraries, schools, or at work (hopefully, over lunch); or share the computer with the rest of the family. You can get your own e-mail address through any one of the number of companies that provide free web based e-mail services (it is paid for by selling advertising). One of the great things about web based e-mail is that you can access your e-mail from anywhere in the world (at least anywhere that you can get onto the internet).

Why do URL addresses not show up as links?

We have the program set to not to accept URL links (where you click on the colored text to go right to the page) because it cuts down on the number of junk advertisements posted. If you include a web address in your reply to a question the person reading it simply needs to re-type it into their browser (or use the mouse and copy and paste).

Why is the area for typing messages so small?

Different browsers handle input forms differently. The settings we use are a compromise that will work reasonably well with both different browsers and different screen sizes and different settings. If your browsers does not wrap at the end of the line just keep typing and the message program will wrap your text when it is posted.  Or you can press return at the end of each line; the program will remove the returns. Your message will look the same with either method.

Where can I get the scripts for this program?

The program for the message board is a modified version of  the Guest Book program created by Matt Wright. The program is free. More information can be found at Matt's Script Archive

Why the 3 letter mask for email addresses?

Spammers sometimes use programs to search web pages for email addresses. Our program automatically adds 3 letters after the @ symbol to 'hide' your real email address. To reply to a post simply remove the first 3 letters following the @ symbol.


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